Bandar Brainwaves

Each Bandarwalla tee is uniquely crafted to provide to you the India’s most quirky tees that are original and are licensed creative designs. The artists behind these designs have put in countless hours of their time and sacrificed their soul to us monkeys. We urge you to wear it, flaunt it and support us cause we dream of ruling the jungles one day, just like you do, everyday. Read on:

Monkey at Ramdev's camp


1)    The banana in the anonymous suit in “like a boss” instead of a flower. Noticed that? Monkeys were always different from the rest out there but we all knew that didn’t we?

2)    Beer in a bee hands equals a ‘buzz’.

3)    WWF ranks way higher than WWE in a 90’s kids eyes. Not to mention some classic items like Doordarshan (what we were forced to watch) and Baywatch (what we preferred). We also loved playing Tetris and rocking to cassettes!

4)    The Superman logo in “sooper kings” is a co founder’s insistence and all he had to contribute to the design aspect of our tees. We did it to make him a little less demoralized about his so called “creativity”. Period.

5)    Our Monkey logo tee was an impromptu decision which we got after staring at the back of Bandarwalla’s visiting card. Happens to be our best selling tee too according to analytics. Go with your gut feel they said.

6)    What does a mummy feel when he is out of toilet paper?

Ans: He goes into pareshaan mode.

7)   At Bandarwalla, we love to honour those who we feel are worthy of monkey respect and monkey bumps. And voila, our tribute tees take shape, where we have featured the likes of Thakur (India’s original Badass), football legends like David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson and of course, the god of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.  We gave our resident Bandar a space in this prestigious hall of fame too, but he prefers to stay pop and stay true to his vibrant self.

8)    That mousetrap was laid by a monkey. Who do you think would outsmart the other in mouse vs monkey, after all?

9)    Aliens (superior race) are waving peace signs with their mutated hands. Do we monkeys get their point? Yes. Do the politicians and policy makers of our country get that? Umm….

10)  Our monkey made the superhero with anger management issues smile. (yes, the monkey has rajnikant-like powers) Gotta problem, anyone?

11)  Of course we would have a tee on Gandhi ji ke teen Bandar, wouldn’t we? The bananas substitute for monkey hands if you look closely, with this brilliant artwork being a creation of Netherland based designer Colin Cramm.

12)     Tu cheese badi hai mast is for our bollywood lovers, and in these dangerous times, subtle messages on tee shirts could get your point across, along with the bonus of decreased chances of getting slapped. Forgive the mischievous monkey!