Eight Instances of Bollywood Bandars

Fact: Everybody loves monkeys. Bollywood knows this. Put a monkey in your movie and you’re guaranteed some degree of success, be it in the form of an instant smash hit, or a cult following that develops over time. Monkeys equal comedy gold! Read on for a few instances of monkeys that made it on the big screen:

1) Besides Govinda and Chunky Pandey, it was this monkey who was presented as the third hero of David Dhawan’s film Aankhen (1993), a film that went onto smash all the records and created unprecedented sales at the box office windows. The monkey, in its own way, not only managed to tickle many funny bones, but also carry the film on its (hairy) shoulders!


2)Monkeys can double up as 007 agents and Aamir khan can stand testimony to this fact. From Ishq (1997) ,enjoy this hilarious scene!


3) Remember Ravi Behl from popular dance show “Boogie Woogie”? In the movie Boyfriend (1993), he stars alongside a Bandar whose role is to rob the heroine’s clothes(#32TeethBearingGrin)


4)From a movie based in the old part of our capital,  we present to you the omnipresent ’ Kala Bandar’, which not only caught junior Bachchan’s attention, but ours as well. Here’s a fun soundtrack from Delhi 6(2009). Do the Bandar shake.


5)Vinod Mehra & Monkey in the superhit comedy film Do Phool (1973) Disclaimer: we do not think this scene is as funny as they make it look.


6) An old school Bollywood love flick includes fighting for one’s love in dramatic fashion and getting married after running away in some random temple, with the use of guns by either party being the usual mandate. If heroes can fight for their love in such flicks, monkeys can too. Old school philmyy romance from the movie Ahaankar (1995):


7) Javed Jaffery, again from Boogie Woogie, releasing a gorilla from a cage in classic slapstick fashion in Double Dhammal (2011). Go bananas dear gorilla! :


8) Monkey faces off with India’s number one action hero Akhshay Kumar in the movie Housefull (2010).  And teaches him a lesson in slap warfare, progressing to punches landed in rocky like fashion.


Know anymore instances? Let us know!