Ten Calcutta Idiosyncrasies


Ahh, now you’re talking about our jungle. the city that ALWAYS sleeps!

Some idiosyncrasies about the people who reside in this joyous city:

1)      Cricket equals religion in our country , and here, in  the iconic Eden Gardens, every person believes they can do better than the team coach, and unanimously agrees that “the prince of Kolkata” a.k.a Saurav Ganguly is still not too old to be reinstated in the Indian team and bring back glory days.

2)      Beware if you are solving your crossword in any public place, cause prying eyes just doesn’t do it for a Bengali, they have always been loudmouths, remember? The same theory applies if you dare to play chess in any public forum, with free advice pouring in from all sides.

3)      Park street is our Times Square, and is STILL the place to be on a weekend.

4)      Politics dominates conversation of course, and any sentence with the name Mamata Banerjee in it is  bound to stir Bengali loins .

5)      Welding the iconic Bengali chattaa a.k.a an umbrella as a cricket bat seems legit.

6)      “Pucchka” and fish fry dominate street food, not to forget biryani, rolls and a galore of sweets available at every nook and corner. If you have flatulence related issues, this city is not for you.


 7)       Rabindranath Tagore poems and writings are still cherished with eternal love.

8)      Haggling with a street vendor comes with the package of explaining your entire life story and then been given advice, once again, on how to live it.

9)      Every ‘adda’ is incomplete without a cigarette and chai. Where mostly politics/local football teams Mohun Bagan and East Bengal/ Tagore’s poems/glory days are discussed at length. And the adda location is preferably the iconic Victoria Memorial.


 10)   Pujas is the one time this lazy city is alive, and if you aren’t here during this time to experience the sights, sounds and awe inspiring art of Kolkata, then you are truly missing out on the city of joy and babus.