6 Sachin Related Funny Reactions

Ever seen or heard a person criticizing the god of cricket? If you have, catch a hold of that fellow, make him wear our Sachin tee, and make him watch these videos which encapsulate the maestro’s 24 odd years of serving for India and doing us proud every time he puts himself between those 22 yards.

1.Sachin is larger than any Bollywood celebrity:
Our beloved and larger than life Bollywood celebrities go first, with an excerpt from a tribute night shortly arranged in order for commendation of the Master Blaster after he scored a hundred centuries. Not an easy feat by any means to say the least.
P.S- Salman is going to make you split like a banana!

2.Navjot Singh Sidhu can’t resist talking(big surprise) on him too:
Ahh, this wise man always has something ingenious ‘wise’ cracks up his sleeve doesn’t he?
He talks about a time where they played together and rookie sachin’s grit being the only thing left between Pakistan ferocious Waqar Younis tearing up through India’s batting order.
Watch this to hear about Sachin giving an abuse in his local dialect meaning “go to your mother’s husband” right at the end of it all!

3.Hitler is furious about his retirement, watch out!
Both these men didn’t cross 5’5 height-wise, but commanded unparallel respect in their respective fields, this one definitely counts for a must-watch!

4.Rahul Dravid mimics Sachin:
We had serious doubts whether the “wall” is capable of producing anything funny, but after screening through a hundred Sachin mimicry videos, we thought this one was most apt!

5.Saurav Ganguly falls head over heels over a classic straight drive:
We used a little creative wordplay here, and yes, we know you’re going to lovingly abuse us silently in your head after watching this!

6.BBC Chronicles the little maestro’s journey:
This one is for the hardcore fans, watch BBC’s exclusive episode of sport’s today on the Little Master encapsulating his journey as a cricketer and a few highlights of eternal glory days. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed watching these clips! Go bananas over India’s cricketing legend!