History lesson 101 from us monkeys: Nelson Mandela

A narration that encapsulates the journey of Nelson Mandela, along with short excerpts from speeches from the great man himself. May his blessed soul rest in peace.
A recapitulation of the movement he led across South Africa and the major highlights of his illustrious career as South Africa’s first black president, anti- apartheid revolutionary and philanthropist. Enlighten yourself!

Inspirational Quotes by Mandela:
Constantly shared on any social media platform/ re-tweeted, let these amazing quotes by the great man himself give you strength when you’re down and open your mind to possibilities. pause the video anytime to reflect on the depth of his sayings.

We also think that John Lennon’s Imagine fits exactly into Nelson Mandela’s vision of the things to be. Close your eyes and unwind to this beautiful track. Until next time fellow humans!