10 Funny Customer Service interactions with you humans

BW turned one on the 1st of April this year, and it’s been an extraordinary evolutional journey for us over this time, swinging through the highs and lows which come as a package when you happen to be an upcoming start up. We Bandars always seem to recall the light moments that make us smile though, and here’s a some of the funny customer service moments we heard over this year whilst interacting with you humans:

1) A customer starts the conversation with the words : “Hello, am I speaking to MR Bandarwalla?”.

Reply: Yes, sure, you could call me that if that helps us Bandar’s get our required bananas. :P

2) ”This monkey seems so happy just swinging in the wind. Wonder what they felt like while flying through those ancient forgotten jungles” – A customer next to an outdoor standee.

Bandarwalla at char so bees

Bandarwalla standee at char so bees

3) “Do you guys ACTUALLY give free bananas, and if so, do I receive it packed with the product??.

I mean to say, umm, kharab nahi hoga naa?”

This was our expression right after we heard that.

Poker face

The BW Poker face

4) A few people from the southern part of India seem to pronounce our name with skewed variation, particularly product suppliers – we’ve heard stuff like “Band-Errr-walaa” or less-decent stereotypical ones like “Bandar ka muh kala??”

5) Analytics revealed that one customer actually found us (and loved us) when he was looking for an Oscar Wilde quote that features in our about us , you’ll know what we mean if you’ve ever been intrigued as to how we bandars originated.

6) Designer-portfolio wise, we’ve seen some pretty amazing art. Kudos to all those hardworking talented artists out there, keep pushing those imaginary boundaries. We’ve also seen our fair share of novice work too and we always encourage these upcoming artists to pursue doing what they love. But on days when we getimages like this, you’ve got to feel for us slightly.

Candy Crush art

Candy Crush “artwork”

7) We’ve also had our fair share of strange custom orders , but on occasionals where we were asked if we could do a one piece order of a design of the fictional cartoon “chota bheem” in the colour parrot green, we regret to decline.

8)People seem to use the word “wala” a lot more around us for some random associative reason, and we found eerie nomenclature referring to our tees like Makhan- walla tee shirt or chuha walla t shirt, along with the the more standard “blue/red/green walla t shirt” colour usage.

9) “Yeh bandar kya daabang ke tara apna sunglases pehen sakta hai?”

#BW poker face again.

10) We’ve also seen some hilarious email address sign ups, and for privacy reasons that we respect, we can’t disclose them, but let’s just say we’ve come across words like “rockzzz, gansta, trueluv4u, studyhigh “ etc.

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Well that’s enough monkey chatter for now, stay tuned to BW for tons of new products and designs coming your way and spread monkey love!

Till next time humans!

Go bananas !

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