The Evolution of Bandarwalla

“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”- Charles Darwin.

We monkeys have always adhered to this wise man’s life snippets. And which is why, we present to you, fresh new Bandarwalla. Brace yourself for an onslaught of funky tees coming your way, which are bound to make you smile like our resident Bandar.

A sneak peek into what’s in store soon – we are going to launch what we internally call a Bandar set and a Superhero troll set. This, along with a host of quirky designs in awesome colors that are all set to give you that happy vibe that you’ve been craving for so long. After all, did you expect anything less funky from us? :P

All these new designs are in a NEW Bandarwalla cotton knit fabric, tuned to perfection to make you feel as light as a banana leaf. Our new tees fit even better, and range from size S to XXL, which happens to be our latest addition to the sizes now available! For more information on how awesome you would look in our tees, whether it be going out for a party or simply chilling indoors, click on the size chart option!

New features about Bandarwalla tees that you’re absolutely going to go bananas over:

1) Your favourite Bandar now features in the back of the tee  in quirky colours that complement the colour of your favourite Bandarwalla tee! So basically, no more of that “”, just a subtle yet trendy smiling monkey!bandarwalla logo

2) Superior printing techniques (digitally printed or screen printed) on superior quality cotton knit tees which are a marked upgrade from our last batch of tees, making the print super light and super strong! They won’t peel off or tear apart, unless you iron on t shirt

3) Women tees!- Calling all women- your wait for women-centric fitted tees are finally over! A comfortable hem line which is more suited for the fairer sex, along with shorter less-manly sleeves, make these super cool tees all the more chill, just like you want it.

womens panda t shirt

4) Fresh new colors- we bet you’ll love the cool shade of blue and eye soothing mint green, as well as banana yellow, royal blue, and chill variations of shades of stone grey and classic white!

5) We’ve improved our fabric exponentially. It is pre-shrunk which means the only time your t shirt will shrink is if you’ve put on weight. The t-shirt is bio-washed  which means it uses eco friendly enzymes to give you the softest fabric you’ll find. THE SOFTEST. Like morning dew. Also, simply awesome stitching. These tees won’t tear. At all. Infact have a go at your Kevlar experiments with our tees.

flawless stitching

6) XXL is now available! All you big beautiful people can call Bandarwalla your own.

And of course, Bandarwalla tee shirts still remain quirky, humorous messages and graphic designs on tees that are super comfortable to wear.  Be it during the ubiquitous hot tropical climate day or in your cosy hammocks/night beds. All our designs are still completely 100% original and will always be so. These high quality tees at easily affordable prices will make you smile from ear to ear once you own them.
Along with a fresh feel interface and a host of apparel products(keep guessing) and funky accessories and freebies slated to launch soon, Bandarwalla is all set to be your favourite animal, after all monkeys are the closest thing to humans aren’t they? We need your help along the way of course, so do remember to spread monkey love, and receive our cheeky love in return (Pyaar do-Pyaar lo).

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