7 Cool Music Videos -November.

Hey Primates, here’s the November playlist of awesome videos you’re absolutely going to love watching. So go ahead, turn up that volume and groove to these tracks which have been wonderfully edited. Enjoy!

1)Justice- D.A.N.C.E
A cool song with some cool t shirts makes for a winning combination in monkey eyes. There’s an actual line of clothing dedicated to these awesome t shirts, we’re pretty sure Bandarwalla pop art tees can match up in the quirk factor though! This is the second single of Justice, who got real popular though they sound like a bunch of 7 yr olds singing their heart and soul out.

2)Alt-J-Left hand’s free
Lay back and chill with this, we’re sure you’ll want a holiday and jump into a water body without your tee shirt after watching this one.

3)The Neighbourhood- sweater weather

Ah, but it’s getting a bit cold now isn’t it? Sweaters aren’t half as cool as Bandarwalla t shirts with your jackets on though.

4) Glass animals-Hazey
Awesome dancers create a vivid, intoxicating sound-world of their own; take a look at this young emerging British indie band’s work.

5)Alt-J- Taro
Alt-J feature in our playlist again cause this video moved the inner human within us, sit back and intake all the stills from around the world- and try spotting when they’ve shot for it from India. 

6) Fatboy slim- Champion sound
Only a group of highly motivated women are capable of doing this. What timing though, prepare to be spellbound by the sheer work put into the creation of this!

7) Junior senor- Move your feet
If you like pixel art; what the heck, you’ll end up shaking a leg to this anyway. It’s got the legendary Micheal Jackson’s voice as a sample after all.

Hope you liked this month’s selection, do drop a thumbs up or share if you appreciate the music!
Till next time, humans!