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Q) Woahh, what just happened to the Bandarwalla i knew?

A)* *We knew you'd ask. Let us monkeys lay it down for you right now :P**

Fresh New Bandarwalla has arrived; brace yourself for an onslaught of funky tees coming your way, which are bound to make you smile like our resident Bandar. Giving you a sneak peek into what’s in store soon, we are going to launch what we internally call a Bandar set and a Superhero troll set, along with a host of quirky designs  in awesome colours that are all set to give you that happy vibe that you’ve been craving for so long. After all, did you expect anything less funky from us Bandars? :P

 All these new designs are in a new Bandarwalla cotton knit fabric, tuned to perfection to make you feel as light as a banana leaf. Our new tees fit even better, and range from size S to XXL, which happens to be our latest addition to the sizes now available! For more information as to how awesome you would look in our tees, whether it be going out for a party or simply chilling indoors, click on the size chart option!

New features about Bandarwalla tees that you’re absolutely going to go bananas over:

1) Your favourite Bandar now features in the back of the tee- that too in quirky colours that complement the colour of your favourite Bandarwalla tee! So basically, no more of that “bandarwalla.com”, just a subtle yet trendy smiling monkey!

2) Superior printing techniques (digitally printed or screen printed) on superior quality cotton knit tees which are a marked upgrade from our last batch of tees, making the print super light and the tees  summer friendly!

3) Women tees!- Calling all women-  your wait for women-centric  fitted tees are finally over! A comfortable hem line which is more suited for the fairer sex, along with shorter less-manly sleeves, make these super cool tees all the more chill, just like you want it.

#Fact: Men's brains on average are 10 percent bigger than women's and have 4 percent more cells. But before all men claim superiority for having a bigger brain, you'll need to know that women's brains contain more nerve cells and cellular connections, which allows their smaller, more compact brains to be more efficient and effective.  Okay, we Bandars know we just reinitiated an age old debate.*mischievous Bandar smile*

4) Fresh new colours- we bet you’ll love the cool shade of blue and eye soothing mint green, as well as banana yellow, Royal blue, and chill variations of  shades of stone grey and classic white!

5) Simply awesome stitching. Period.

6) XXL is now available! rib


And of course, Bandarwalla tee shirts still remain Quirky, humorous messages and graphic designs on tees that are super comfortable to wear. Be it during the ubiquitous hot tropical climate day or in your cosy hammocks/night beds. These high quality tees at easily affordable prices will make you smile from ear to ear once you own them.

Along with a fresh feel interface and a host of apparel products(Chinos and fresh Polos) and funky accessories (many more coming soon )  slated to launch soon, Bandarwalla is all set to be your favourite animal, after all monkeys are the closest thing to humans aren’t they? We need your help along the way of course, so do remember to spread monkey love, and receive bananas in return :P


To know more visit our About Us Page.




 Q:What is the quality of fabric used?

A:We believe in providing quality material to our customers, as chattered about earlier. We use high quality pre cotton (170-180 GSM) on our t-shirts.  We use quality screen printing, transfer printing technique and also direct to garment printing(DTG printing) for our tees. 


Q: Will my size be available?

A:  Our sizes run from S to XXL in our tees and polo necks, but before you give us your credit card number and get excited, we would want you to go through our size chart (click here) , and compare your t-shirt it to our sizes to get the perfect fit. Women tees are now available too, do check our size chart before placing your order!


      Q: How should I wash the tee?

      A: We recommend that you hand wash your t- shirt as this increases the life span of your tee.

Do not iron the print

Do not bleach or tumble dry

If this is too confusing for you just hand it to your mom/bai. Also, while they are drying kindly look out for greedy renegade monkeys wanting a piece your tee.


Q: The design/size I require is out of stock. WTF?

A: In this case, you can pre order an existing design and we will get back to you on how long it should take us to dispatch it.

Or else you could contact us via e-mail contact@bandarwalla.com and we will send you a notification as soon as the product is back in stock in your required size. We also don’t ship in-stock items first- we’ll wait till the backordered tee is in, and ship out your entire order all at once.



Q:Who designs these quirky tees?

A: Brilliant creative people who translate our monkey like cacophony onto a design. These talented and experienced people have always worked with a smile like that of our mascot, (see here and here). Our design motto in a nutshell/banana skin: if it’s light and funny enough to make you smile, it works.



Q: Can I design for Bandarwalla/ submit an idea?

A: Totally!  If you have a brainwave and think it would look good on a tee, forward it by email to contact@bandarwalla.com and we will get back to you in a jiffy. If you were the first person to submit the idea we use we’ll send you the first one once its printed. No need to send a sketch (unless you want to). A concept and a tag line is all our designers need to do their thing.





 Q: What are the charges for shipping?

A: Bandarwalla offers free shipping

Cash on delivery has an additional handling charge of Rs 50 per order.


Q: Can I track my order?

A: Once your order is dispatched, you shall receive an email from us with your tracking ID. Click here and enter your ID here to know how close it is to you.


Q: Do you accept returns?

A: Yes, in case your tee shirt is defective, or we sent you the wrong size or another tee shirt by mistake, do let us know within 7 days from you receiving the product via email at contact@bandarwalla.com or +0919903480725.

Returned merchandise must be unwashed and unworn- Bandarwalla tees cannot accept back worn or washed merchandise. If washed or worn merchandise is returned to us, while sending it back to you via our delivery monkeys they might be secretly tempted to hand you a monkey poke.

If you suddenly decide that you don’t like the look or colour of your tee after it has arrived, or didn’t go through our size chart before purchasing your tee, umm…we suggest you donate it to any needing human residing in your locality.

To know more, check out our Returns & Shipping page



 Q:What's the fine line on special offers?

A: Glad you asked! Our special offers (e.g Buy 3 get 200 off) are only applicable if the following bill total is crossed:

Offer 1: Buy 3 Get 200 off : On a total purchase value of 1045/-

Offer 2: Buy 4 Get 300 off: On a total purchase value of 1395/-

Offer 3: Buy 5 Get 400 off: On a total purchase value of 1744/-


Q:How can I order in bulk from you guys?

A: Just send us an email with your details contact@bandarwalla.com with the subject Bulk Order


Q: When does my delivery normally get dispatched?

A: If your order is placed before 2 PM from Monday to Friday- it will be dispatched the same day and should reach you within 3-5 working days depending on your addresses’ proximity to a serviceable location.

Kindly note that Bandarwalla.com does not ship on weekends unless intimidated by you in the comment section prior to confirming your order, which may bear an additional charge as per your servicable pincode.


Q:  I have taken pictures of myself in your tees.  What should I do with these pics?

A:  Send them to us, and if they’re as awesome as you, we’ll put them up on the site in the future. Also, you can post them on our instagram page with      @bandarwalla #go bananas



     Q:  I’m giving you my email address.  I’m not going to suddenly get spam about winning some shitty lottery right?

     A:  No way.  We don’t share, rent, or sell your personal information to anyone.  Period.  We only use your email address to send you notices of new shirts               and special promotions we’re running.  And, if you change your mind and don’t want to receive such email, simply unsubscribe from our list- you can do             so from within one of our emails to you. Know more here.


      Q:  What about my credit card info?  Surely someone could do something nefarious with that.

      A:  Your credit card information is not stored anywhere on our servers.  Your card is processed through CC Avenue, the leading Internet payment gateway,               and Bandarwalla never even sees your credit card number.


Q: Bandarwalla? What kind of name is that?

A: Well, it just appealed to our primal instinct. We were simply monkeying around when it came up. We wanted to make sure that our brand name stands for who we are and how we think. The only ‘banana slip’ - people don’t take us seriously when we tell them we work for a company that sounds this mischievous.


Q:I’ve heard about a monkey revolution. Are monkeys taking over?

A: Although it was meant to be secret, the answer is yes. Slowly, but surely. Hidden inside our t-shirts are chips specially designed by Mojo-Jojo to control humans and take over the world.  Its de-evolution at its peak. Hang on to your bananas.


Q: Can it be stopped?

A: No.

If you have a question that you feel wasn’t answered here, feel free to email us at contact@bandarwalla.com