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Being Bhai
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Don’t rip this tee shirt off just yet. That’s all we bandars ask of you. We worked considerably hard to get you this product and consider it our manifestation of art, so kindly ponder on that for a moment before you flex those muscles!

Whether you call him Sallu, Bhaijan, Dabangg-Khan, Blockbuster Khan, Rambo/The Sylvester Stallone of India, Tiger Khan, Tiger Salman, The Tiger of Bollywood, Muscle Khan or the Supreme Khan etc, you’re bound to have respect if you’re not already a fanatic fan of this larger-than-life star. He’s had his share of controversies and had this image of” Being the Bad boy” of Bollywood thanks to his affinity of walking into trouble. Despite the negative perception of his character, his interests and especially charity drives would convince you otherwise, with his “being human” charity organization(founded in 2007) providing some notable philanthropic aid to underprivileged kids in the fields of education and health.

Coming from a notable filmy family, Sallu Bhai is also good at painting and a host of sports.  Still viewed as an eligible bachelor at 48, he keeps churning out super hits which tend to gross enormous Bollywood movie box office collections every single time. We guess you like his sense of humor too and encourage you to wear this Bandarwalla Tribute t shirt and be positive enough to fight (and not rip tees while doing so) off life’s challenges and seemingly crippling moments just like Sallu Bhai would.


These Bandarwalla T shirts are available online in a fitting royal blue shade, and King khan himself is split in two vibrant shades of blue and red, with the unmistakable dabangg shades on the right hemisphere of the cicle! Order today and it you will ‘be bhai’ in about 3-5 days. 

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