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Batman & Co
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We monkeys were swinging around in the concrete jungle when we saw none other than the silent guardian of Gotham city, the Dark Knight himself, just chilling around with a couple of his fellow bats. His hanging around (upside down to be technical) with them reminded us of another proverb, just that these weren’t’ exactly birds of a feather that were flocking around together, these were more like the only mammals that can fully sustain flight!

We definitely find batman aka the caped crusader aka the greatest detective to be the coolest superhero of them all, as even though he doesn’t explicitly possess any superpowers, his sheer will to fight crime and an indomitable fearless spirit makes him one of the most awesome superheroes of all time. Joker may call him a rodent or ‘batsy’, and it may be true that when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object there is bound to be some fireworks



This awesome design is available online in a bat-suit like grey colour, and this t shirt can be shipped across India in 3-5 days.

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