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Love Being Lazy
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“Today I don’t feel like doing anything.. I just want to lay in my bed..don’t feel like picking up my phone, so leave a message at the tone….woohoo, woohoo, nothing at all”. If these almost-prophetic words by singer Bruno Mars resonate with how you feel , then this Bandarwalla t shirt is totally made just for YOU!. Brands like ours are based on your traits, we love all you lazy people engaging in online shopping out there!:P.

And yes, we know that you like having your pizza and sipping on your soda from your custom made hat, while watching your favorite tv showon your favorite couch. Just don’t be too lazy and weary eyed (like the dude on this laid-back tee shirt)to open the door for the delivery boy carrying your Bandarwalla tee shirts, this one coming in a lazy grey and classic white, with the design molded like a pizza base yellow.

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