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Not So Amazing Spiderman
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Our beloved Peter Parker has found himself with lesser and lesser to do in recent times due to a dawn of new superheroes, and one fine day we monkeys found him caught up in his own web while he was apparently fixing up TENNIS RACQUETS as a part time hobby! Looks like his Aunt May didn’t recite the age old adage “A stitch in time saves nine” to him now, did she? His “Spidey sense” didn’t help him much as he wrapped a web cocoon over himself there, looks like he has his work cut out for himself now. Guess there is a legit reason behind all these proverbs after all! Another saying that he should have paid heed to could be” with great power comes great responsibility”, though we all agree in unison that spiderman didn’t really make the best of his powers right there…

These SUPER-funny Bandarwalla t shirts are available online in cool grey and funkyyellow colours, with the design having an entangled web cast over his red and blue spider suit and can be shipped across India (within 3-5 days) .

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