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3D Panda
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Look closely at this panda.. do notice his paw while doing so.. and imagine what your expression would be like if your hand traveled to the way to the third dimension and you saw rainbow like colors after you wore your 3D glasses. Would you exclaim the words “WOOOAAAH!”  just like this panda, who sees his black and white paw going all eerie after wearing  his 3D shades ?   

After all, if you suddenly perceive depth where it’s not supposed to be there (we are assuming you won’t really be sober when you do so), and when and if you do, you’re bound to shout out like an excited panda. 

These Bandarwalla T shirts are available online in an eye popping yellow and are bound to blow you out to multi dimensions where red and blue would dominate your periphery of vision. Plug into virtual reality when you wear your shades along with this super cool tee shirt, and let swag jump out to all onlookers just like flying 3D objects would! 

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