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Tribal Vibes
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Are you a happy go lucky person who finds pleasure in life’s simpler things? Do you prefer to eat, sleep, and consume substances that keep you singing and dancing freely just like our ancestors did? Fear not, you are not alone.... Hope you counted all the tribal groups of India too, who may not have this awesome cool Bandarwalla t shirt like you, but have their own indigenous ways and methodologies to stay happy and give positive vibes despite all the challenges that life throws your way. You city dwellers have it a lot easier than these guys, after all do you think that they can indulge in online shopping just like you? After close observation( hanging upside down from the trees above) , we monkeys noticed that these tribal groups  somehow manage to find mental balance through all those mystic chants, seemingly weird rituals and repetitive drum beats.

So we urge you to take some heart stay happy and give positive vibes and spread peace throughout your own tribe. 

This Bandarwalla tee shirt comes in a vibrant royal blue colour and a cool grey, and can be delivered across India within 3-5 days.

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